Episode 1.6

Five games to discuss this week, and some player news as well. Casey Powell returns to the Mammoth, Mike Accursi returns to the Knighthawks, Scott Ranger sent to the practice roster, and Adam Jones is out for a month. We also talk a bit about Tucker Williams and the lacrosse community coming together to support the Williams family. For more information on Tucker and the whole #BraverThanBrave initiative, check out braverthanbrave.com (note that the site won’t be live until around Wednesday, February 5) or follow @Tuckerisbrave on Twitter.


One thought on “Episode 1.6

  1. Just listened to all the shows this week – it was a great way to get my lacrosse fix. Good work guys (and gal). I’m only going to comment on the Accursi thing…I feel like the KHawks pulled a fast one on that one. Maybe nobody would have signed him, but it just seems like they kind of circumvented the rules. (Fact: I became an Accursi fan when he was a Bandit, so yeah, Im jealous!)
    I look forward to listening next week!

    Oh yeah – Braver than Brave…when they introduced the players I was really disapointed that Mr Williams did not get a standing ovation. Shame on my fellow Bandit fans

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