Episode 4.23

Congrats to the Georgia Swarm, the 2017 NLL champs! On the final episode of 2017, we discuss Ryan Keenan and his dad as well as Jim Veltman leaving the Black Wolves. Oh, and there was this lacrosse game last weekend.

Awesome: The Swarm, game 2 in general, and the Thompson brothers and Lyle in particular.

Not awesome: Video production, twitter feed.

Also: was Keenan’s decision a good one or should he be fired?

Links from this week’s show:

Travis Cornwall’s open letter: https://twitter.com/MTCornwall20/status/873668261723766784

Evan’s blog describing the 6-on-6 play: http://evanschemenauer.blogspot.ca/2017/06/random-thoughts-nll-final-game-2.html

The play that tied the game: https://twitter.com/GeorgiaSwarmLAX/status/874379550473543680

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Music is “Benediction” by Mr. Bitterness and the Guilty Pleasure.