About Us

Addicted to Lacrosse is a weekly show, done via a Google+ hangout, about the National Lacrosse League. We’re just lacrosse fans like you who get together once a week and talk about games and events in the NLL. We have different opinions and viewpoints, and we try to cover the whole league, not just our favorite teams.

We are two Americans and a Canadian, two guys and a girl, all geeks, and all lacrosse fans. All episodes are saved on YouTube. This site contains links to all previous episodes and announcements of upcoming episodes.

Melissa Dafni  has been a fan of the Colorado Mammoth and lacrosse in general since her first game in 2002. She does marketing, web development and works in the domain industry. She writes about the Mammoth for Pro Sports Colorado. You can find her on twitter @snowkitten

Tyler Fitch is a fan of the Vancouver Stealth who lives in Vancouver, Washington.

Graeme Perrow has been a fan of the Toronto Rock since the 2001 season. He is a software developer and writes about the NLL at nllchatter.com. Graeme lives in Waterdown, Ontario. You can find him on twitter at @GraemePerrow.