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Episode 1.23

This is our final episode of the 2014 season. We discuss various aspects of Rochester’s Championship win over Calgary including: should Dan Dawson have won Finals MVP considering he didn’t play in game 1? Would his presence have changed game 1? Would Geoff Snider’s presence have changed Calgary’s fate? What would the finals have looked like with a single-game elimination format? What changes do the rest of the teams need to make during the off-season? All this and more on this special season finale of Addicted to Lacrosse.

Thanks to everyone who watched this season, and look for us to be back next season. We will probably have a couple of shows during the off-season, probably when the annual awards are handed out in August, at the entry draft in the fall, and if any major changes such as trades or team movements occur.

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Episode 1.22

Our penultimate episode of the season features a discussion of Calgary’s game 1 win over Rochester, Cody Jamieson’s self-slash, our thoughts on the new playoff format, and as always we give our predictions for the final game(s) of the year.

We’re recording the show next week on Sunday night at 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific) so make sure you check us out on our final episode of the season!


Episode 1.21

Short but sweet. Due to scheduling conflicts, Melissa couldn’t join us and Tyler had to leave early so we managed to compress the show down to about a half hour. But we managed to cover both / all four of the games this past weekend, make our predictions for next weekend, and also talk a little about the mini-game format and what we think of it, now having seen a couple of them.


Episode 1.20

Tyler was unavailable so it was just Melissa and Graeme tonight. We talked about Buffalo’s win over Rochester, Calgary’s win over Edmonton, and the fact that two of Edmonton’s three losses this season involve both the Roughnecks and some refereeing controversy. Dillon Ward got his equipment back, and we also discuss the new playoff format and its implications to both of the division winners, who are now under tremendous pressure.

Episode 1.19

The playoffs are here! We always try to be impartial anyway, but it’s pretty much guaranteed going forward since all of our teams are now out of the playoffs. In this episode, we discuss Dillon Ward’s equipment problems, the Bandits’ surprising defeat of the Rock, and the Roughnecks’ exciting OT win over the Mammoth.

Apologies for the technical difficulties at the end of the show. First Graeme’s computer started acting up so he was booted out, and then YouTube itself started having problems so the show got cut short.

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Episode 1.18

The final episode of the regular season! We talk about the 10-minute “mini-games” that we may see during the playoffs, Stadium Journey’s ranking of NLL arenas, the five final games of the season, and we make our predictions for the first round of the playoffs.

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Episode 1.17

No Tyler this week. Graeme and Melissa discuss John Tavares’ interview where he talks about the possibility of retirement, the new NLL Awards procedure (an opinion of which we all share), and some surprises in this week’s games: Nick Rose starting for Toronto? Buffalo loses two and only scores four goals against the Knighthawks? Calgary beats Edmonton in overtime but gets some unexpected help from the referees? All this plus our final predictions of the regular season.

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Episode 1.16

We go over the playoff picture in the NLL and touch on a rumour that the NLL will be contracting next year. Five games to talk about, and then lots of predictions – we each give our picks for the annual awards: MVP, Goalie, Rookie, Defender, Transition, GM, and Coach of the Year, followed by our picks for next week’s games.


Episode 1.15

Lots of games to talk about this week: Calgary and Rochester won a couple each, the Rush continued their streak, and the Rock dominated the Stealth, even without Garrett Billings. In addition, we discuss John Tavares’ 800 goal milestone and make predictions for week 16.