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Episode 1.7

This week we discuss a bunch of roster moves the Stealth made including a trade to the Rock, and the Rock released a veteran. Five games to discuss – a few close ones and one not so close. Also – is it time the NLL retired the handshake line at the end of every game?

Sorry for the late starting time, those who watched live, but it was either that or not have Melissa available at all. We’ll be starting at 11 EST/8 PST again next week.


Episode 1.6

Five games to discuss this week, and some player news as well. Casey Powell returns to the Mammoth, Mike Accursi returns to the Knighthawks, Scott Ranger sent to the practice roster, and Adam Jones is out for a month. We also talk a bit about Tucker Williams and the lacrosse community coming together to support the Williams family. For more information on Tucker and the whole #BraverThanBrave initiative, check out (note that the site won’t be live until around Wednesday, February 5) or follow @Tuckerisbrave on Twitter.


Episode 1.5

Week 5 featured three games, all of which were won by a single goal, and two of them featured big comebacks. In this episode, Graeme, Melissa, and Tyler discuss each of the games as well as the decisions by a number of American NLL players to put Team USA first, as they skip NLL games (or even the whole season) to prepare for the World Field Lacrosse Championships this summer.

Sorry for the technical difficulties that delayed the beginning of the show, and again in the middle when Graeme seemed to drop out for a while.


Episode 1.4

Lots to talk about this week. Is the “Air Gait” becoming more commonplace in the NLL? WIll Athan Iannucci help the Mammoth? Jordan McBride and Jamie Lincoln are unemployed, and there were seven games worth of NLL lacrosse to talk about. Tyler had a great week with his predictions, and we all make predictions for next weekend too.

Note that we changed the way the episodes are numbered. The last one was 1.2, and there was no 1.3. This is our fourth episode, and we’re discussing week 4 so it’s 1.4.